Meet our alumni who built the history of CLAREC and will always be our biggest supporters.

Sophia M. D’Angelo | I am a fourth-year PhD student whose research examines the role that national and subnational contexts and cultures play in shaping teaching and learning in the Dominican Republic. I employ a ‘building on strengths’ approach by centring the voices of teachers and students, or those most intimately involved in everyday pedagogical practices. I am a teacher, teacher trainer, and educational consultant for various international development organisations, including Overseas Development Institute, the EdTech Hub, Chemonics, and the World Bank. I have supported research initiatives as well as creative projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and the Middle East. http://see more

Luz Maria Lopez-Gomez | I am an upper secondary Chemistry teacher in Mexico City and environmental researcher in the National Autonomous University of Mexico. My research in aquatic ecosystems and concern for climate change and environmental degradation led me to education as the most promising way of addressing the climate crisis. Currently in my last year as a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, I am researching strategies for teaching science as a way of thinking and a tool for solving problems. My ultimate goal as an educational researcher is to make available to teachers effective strategies for developing scientific literacy and citizenship education.

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