Othneil Blackwood

I am a learner for life and public servant with nearly two decades of military leadership experience in operations, workplace learning, and project management. As an emerging researcher and voracious reader, I am particularly interested in military education, integrative academic and vocational education, knowledge management, and global security problems. Among my current professional undertakings is the development of initiatives that will shape the future sustainability of education for social advancement in a globalised world.

I wish to make inroads into becoming a writer and thought leader, with my current research focusing on four functions. To begin, it will expand the corpus of knowledge about military education. Second, some methodology for investigating emerging military education providers in small-island developing countries will be presented (SIDS). Third, practitioners will be provided with a variety of approaches for analysing or implementing military education in a command with high needs but limited resources. Fourth, it helps to improve understanding of how organisations wean/transition away from education models based on outsourcing and obsolete teaching policies and practices.

Given the foregoing, I hope to eventually specialise in modern technical applications for regional intelligence, operations, and educational collaborations. In recent years, my romanticised ideas about what it means to be a scholar and practitioner have shifted dramatically. While navigating a whirlwind of learning in Cambridge, I realised how much intellectual power a practitioner possesses. As a result, I am grateful to be a part of this generation of researchers, practitioners, and faculty who are committed to saving our planet through collaboration, teamwork, and genuine dedication.

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