Paulina Pérez-Duarte Mendiola

I am a PhD student supervised by Paul Ramchandani, looking into children’s perspectives of ‘Specialised Play’ in paediatric-healthcare-settings in the United Kingdom. My career as a clinical paediatrician and medical anthropologist, has focussed on improving the holistic outcomes of children’s health and the human rights of hospitalised children.

My previous research, as a paediatrician and medical anthropologists, explored the profound impact of ‘Play’ on sick-children’s development, learning and healthcare experiences. The objectives of my doctoral research are to carefully understand and evaluate children’s perspectives of ‘Specialised Play’ in paediatric-healthcare-settings and discover ‘how’ and ‘why’ it has the potential to transform a child’s hospital experience, as well as the potential benefits for their developmental-wellbeing. Currently, I am leading the ‘First Play in Hospital Awareness Week in Mexico’*, where I am sharing and applying my new ‘Pro-Play’ mindset to inspire those who work in paediatric healthcare within Spanish-speaking countries. Additionally, as I am aware of the limitations of ‘time’ as a major obstacle within hospital-settings, I have been developing content and sharing my research findings, as well as highlighting important issues in this area, through social media**, with the intention of reaching younger generations and busy healthcare workers.

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